Red Flags to Look Out For When Booking a Wedding Venue


Needless to say that, your wedding is your life-changing event. You will always love and remember this day. As a result, it’s vital to ensure that everything goes smoothly that day.

Selecting a location is among the first significant options many wedding planners assist their clients with. While most wedding planners have a list of recommended locations, occasionally, your clients may have alternative ideas. When visiting unfamiliar locations, be mindful of some of these typical warning signs. All parties involved in the wedding planning process will avoid much stress and headache by seeing possible issues before your clients sign a contract.

When searching for the ideal location for your wedding, be aware of the following six warning signs:

Complicated and confusing contracts: 

Contracts serve as evidence that both parties have read and accepted the terms of service. Though lengthy reading and signatures are typically required, contracts for venues, such as riverside wedding venues, need only be thorough—not opaque or too complex. Be wary of odd phrases and vague language, such as the venue forbidding you from posting unfavourable reviews online.

Too many unnecessary costs: 

Most of the time, your total cost will be higher than the venue fee alone. While there might be some additional expenses, they shouldn’t be very significant. If the venue claims additional fees for amenities like parking lots and restroom usage, proceed with caution, as these are the kinds of services that most venues normally cover.

Negative reviews: 

It’s imperative to book a venue tour in advance. This is your opportunity to visit the location while a salesperson pitches it. Regardless of your attraction to the location, make sure to check online for evaluations of possible wedding locations. If there are an excessive number of bad internet reviews, you ought to reevaluate your choices.

A bad first impression given by the personnel: 

Before you reserve the space, observe how dependable the crew appears to be. Did the event manager arrive on time for your scheduled appointment? Did they answer your calls or emails promptly? Reliability in personnel selection and communication is critical.

They don’t specialise in weddings:

Holiday parties and non-wedding events like company meetings, charity auctions, and fundraisers might be excellent uses for a venue. But they might not be accustomed to serving large gatherings and are unaware of all the details involved in a wedding. Look for venues that specialise in hosting weddings when choosing the ideal site for your celebration.

Your instinct tells you not to; therefore, pay attention to it. Wedding expenses are high, with the location taking up a significant portion of your budget. Cross off any items that make you laugh, whether related to the venue, personnel, contract, or something else entirely. It is not worth your time, money, or sanity to put yourself in a dubious scenario. We are talking about your big day, after all.

While none of these situations should be grounds for rejecting a wedding location, they do highlight the need for you to be extra upfront, extra organised, and extra accommodating if any of them should arise. Even if there is a problem with the location, you can still plan the ideal wedding day, and being aware that you might need to talk to each other a bit more could be just the information you need to ensure all the details are flawless. 


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